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High-end Leather Imports for Luxury Interiors


Enter our showroom and explore a world of unique hides that infuse style and durability to your design projects.


Years of experience curating the best hides all over the world

For decades, Bellapelle has toured the world to keep in stock hundreds of unique hides selected specifically for the application and use of leather in furnishings, architectural and luxury interior projects.

Located in Houston, Texas, our showroom stores an unparalleled collection of leathers tanned around the world: Find with us unrivaled quality leathers imported from Italy, Germany, France and utmost offeringsfrom South America.



Private Collections

Shopping access exclusive to approved interior & architectural design clients of Bellapelle

Business credentials required


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Explore our broad selection of luxury hides from all over the world


Visit our Showroom

Explore and experience the feel & touch of our most stunning hides

The best experience is personal!

Request time to visit our showroom and experience the feel & touch of our selective array of leathers from around the world.

By appointment only

Our showroom located near Houston Heights district offers personalized attention to your projects, allowing you to browse in person through our extensive and interesting collections.


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